Nicolas XY Zhang


French Ingénieur des Mines, working on privacy-preserving computations for economic and social design (auctions, matching, clearing and netting, risk sharing agreements...). Currently at MIT, doing my research under the guidance of Professors Robert M. Townsend and Vinod Vaikuntanathan -

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Project portfolio

Current working papers

Monetary anchoring and inflation - through multiagent multiperiod computational modelling

Multiparty computation and homomorphic negotiations among central banks, for a sustainable post Bretton Wood system

Building exchanges for economic contracts - definitions and prototypes

Fully-homomorphic multiparty computation - forthcoming August 2020 Harvard Data Science Review paper with Andrew Lo, Vinod Vaikuntanathan, Daniel Weitzner et al.

Interactive notebooks and demo

Interactive privacy-preserving communication/negotiation app demo

Interactive privacy-preserving auctions run through

Continuing projects and companies